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Blogmas 10: Tree Décor

2017-12 blogmas beed ornaments.jpgIn yesterday’s post, I talked about decorating the tree. But this is a relatively new thing for me.

We got our first full-sized Christmas tree just a couple of years ago. Before that, we had a three-footer with miniature ornaments and tiny round lights preloaded on by my grandma, who gifted the whole tree to us.

When we got our own six-foot artificial tree, we decorated with special ornaments to us from our respective childhoods. We also have a tradition of buying a new couple’s ornament each year.

Our first was in 2009, our first Christmas together, and that is in fact what it said. It was personalized with our initials at our local mall. Looking back, it probably seemed strange or dumb to outsiders to get that ornament after dating fewer than 8 months, but we got engaged the following February, and I guess when you know, you just know.

In 2010, we were engaged, and we got a free ornament with a bag of dog food, also a photo frame, which has a picture of our dog – obviously.

In 2011, we were planning our wedding, and we were given a pickle ornament, which is awesome for two reasons. My mom’s significant other is German, and it is a German tradition to hide the pickle ornament – whoever finds it gets to open the first present. Also, we used to joke frequently that Jason’s favorite food was dill pickles. He passed me a note in our shared college class reading “Do you like pickles?” Yes – this was my future husband flirting with me.

In 2012, we had been married a few months when Christmastime rolled around. Jason bought us a round ornament to put a photo in, and I have not yet. It was really heavy to hang on our 3-foot tree, I recall.

In 2013, Jason bought us an even more beautiful globe-type ornament that I was able to insert photos into, as well. It included room for four photos, so I put some of us and of Honey and saved a space for the future human babies. It was even heavier to hang on our 3 foot tree.

In 2014, I got a handmade ornament from a craft fair, made of the wood of someone’s former Christmas tree, turned into a tree shape and engraved with Merry Christmas 2013.

In 2015, I bought our ornament from Etsy; a Miami Dolphins ornament personalized with our last name on the back.

Last year’s ornament was a testament to our going to see the year’s newest Star Wars movie (The Force Awakens) together, and for my love of the little droid BB8.

As for this year, we are considering something to symbolize our trip to Virginia, where Jason participated in a Magic the Gathering tournament. I suspect we’ll go with something Magic-related, perhaps a Swamp manna symbol, as the basic land is my favorite card. (It’s a big joke between us, as this card appears a lot, and I know so little about the game.)

These ornaments make me so happy, and I cannot wait until we have a whole tree full! I’m so grateful for my marriage. Jason has helped me through all kinds of highs and lows related to my mental health and mental illnesses. A walk down memory lane was just what I needed tonight!

Do you have any traditions with your Christmas tree ornaments?


2 thoughts on “Blogmas 10: Tree Décor”

  1. I LOVE collecting ornaments!! I have our travel tree up with the Starbucks ornaments we got on the trip to Roanoke and some we got at this years travels to National Parks!!
    I love your special “couple” ornaments!!! So much fun. Love you❣️❣️

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