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Blogmas 13: Gifts at Work

2017-1213 blogmas moneyIn a previous post, I wrote about how I love giving gifts. That said, I have been far too poor to afford gifts for all of my coworkers that I really love and cherish. I give out my card and newsletter to my favorite people, but this year, even that has been cut in a third to save money, which is heartbreaking to me. I look forward to my Christmas newsletter and card all year long.

I work in a school. My classroom has few students, and a few adults. I also have the privilege of working alongside other adults in their classrooms. I would love to get each of my special students something unique as a gift for the holidays. Unfortunately, I have never been able to afford it.

This is difficult for me, because my coworkers are able to make it work. I know we don’t have the same incomes… my husband has never made the amount of money their significant others do. Never – not even close. Even on years when we were better off than this one, I have shied away from presents for Christmas and the winter holidays, because my coworkers go all out, and I feel pitiful in comparison.

I hope someday I can do something special for my students, and I have to stop feeling guilty that I can’t right now. I would love more than even that to pick an ornament off of the school’s Giving Tree, where needy families have made requests. Unfortunately, my family can’t afford presents for each other this year either, or to be honest, to even pay the bills without family help.

Someday, things will be different. For now, I’ll stick to Halloween and Valentine’s Day, where the other teachers go easy on gifts and I can shine with my homemade cards and a festive pencil.

Do you buy presents for people at your job?


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