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Bucket List Update 2: Roller Derby

2018-0225 roller skateI have been working hard! In the last 14 days, I’ve worked 13. Monday through Friday, save a few random days off, I’ve worked my regular full-time job. On those days off (including weekends) I’ve babysat for either of my two families or worked helping a really nice lady clean and organize her house after moving.

For the part time work I’ve worked just a few hours at a time, but I enjoy it. I still feel as though my work is purposeful. I think about what I’m going to do with this money I’m earning, and I get excited. Most of it obviously goes to paying bills and putting food on the table. But once in a while I get to do something fun from my bucket list and it means more because I really worked to be able to do it – and now I get to take a break from that hard work and do this neat thing.

Last night I experienced my first roller derby bout. I dragged a friend along, and invited others. It was in a nearby town that took us about half an hour (and my smart phone GPS) to get to.

My knowledge of the sport is limited to what I saw in the movie Whip It. I love that movie; I own it and have watched it several times. I had never seen roller derby in real life though, and I finally decided it was time! I was able to figure out what was going on pretty well, and by the end of the bout I was able to cheer for my team at the right times without having to rely on the people around me cheering. (That’s what I have always done at most sporting events, honestly.)

I have always loved skating. I have never been great at it, but this is something I can relate to! I was so impressed with how well the skaters moved. And how they fell – and got up gracefully. I intend to go to any future home games whenever humanly possible. (They are already written on my calendar!)

I wanted to find out what I like. I found something!

Have you ever experienced roller derby?


4 thoughts on “Bucket List Update 2: Roller Derby”

  1. Oh you mega babe! Us players love supporters like you, people that bother to wrestle with the complicated rules and fast pace and see the sport for how beautifully feisty, fierce and fun it is.

    Get yourself to a local league! They will welcome you with open arms, there’s no contact until you are passed minimum skills and there will be a load of people there with your views 🙂 (I started at 29!)

    Also, feel free to check out my latest blog on the roller derby world cup, it should hopefully help you fall even more in love!

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