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Therapeutic Pampering

This morning, I pampered myself.

I had a weird Friday – it was fine until the evening, during which time I got extremely emotional about something small, and ended up really angry. I journaled about it at the time and will talk about in therapy – maybe here later, when I’m ready.

But the lady’s house who I’ve been helping clean on Sunday mornings cancelled on me, so I was free. I was excited to see the clock read 8:00 when I got up, because that meant I’d slept in some – until I remembered it was Daylight Savings and I’d lost an hour anyway.

I hadn’t showered since Thursday (I know, I know) and my scalp was so dirty, it was feeling itchy. I made myself some breakfast and hopped in the shower. It was a nice long shower, full of fancy shampoo and conditioner samples and hair removal and a pumice stone on my feet. I removed my chipped nail polish, trimmed all my nails, and repainted them green for my tradition for upcoming St. Patrick’s Day. I wore a charcoal mask, toned, moisturized. I moisturized my whole body. I plucked my eyebrows.

While all this was going down, I listened to one of my all time favorite albums, Ever After by Marianas Trench, through twice. Then turned on The Accidentals and played their album, Odyssey, through. (Let’s be honest – I’m still listening to it.)

When I have an episode like I did Friday, Jason always asks me if I’m following the plan. That day, I journaled, squeezed a pillow, ran my hands through dried beans, threw a bean bag at a wall. I tried to be mindful and focus on my breathing. I let myself cry, just a little was needed. And today I had time to pamper myself, so I did – it was therapeutic.

Things are going to be just fine.


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