My Little Family Members

Tonight, family was in town, and a few of my nieces and nephews interacted with me a bunch, and they were just lovely. I’d like to share a few cute moments. This post might bore my non-family member followers, ha!

IC, age two:

  • sang me the alphabet, once regular speed, then fast
  • asked me “what letter is that?” on my shirt (said “LOVE FLORIDA”) and ID’ed them herself
  • jumped from a small chair with my help, said “one, two, three, hop!”
  • her mom told her that JJ kisses me, and IC argued with him that I was her Vanna (“that’s MY Vanna!”) – she ran over to me, totally naked, and grabbed my leg, “MINE!”
  • we played with a toy barn and she kept asking “where’s cow?”, telling me the door was closed, talked about “her” door (the front door!), ran to get sheep, “where’s sheep?” I said “oh no” “they ran away” and she echoed me
  • I hid the cow behind my back – sneakily – and she FOUND IT RIGHT AWAY.
  • kept asking me “what’s she/he doing?” with furrowed brow when people were poking at her being silly
  • I went into the kitchen, she came in and tapped me and told me to come back and play
  • wanted to put aunt J’s shoes on her
  • pretended to sleep on concrete outside, boring older cousin

CH, age 1:

  • climbed on coffee table with ease
  • fascinated with toy light saber
  • wanted mom’s cookie, not just a piece, mom was not allowed to have any
  • …but it turns out she doesn’t like snickerdoodles and threw it across the room
  • her dad said “her favorite animal is a car” because “what does a car say?” (didn’t get an answer to that question)
  • played in the Cozy Coupe

CH, age 6:

  • hugged J and I before we left – unsolicited – doesn’t usually hug
  • his mom asked him to tell me about something he learned, he said “I don’t want to talk about that right now,” was watching music video; mom respected that, Papa joked about what he may have learned, and CH glared death daggers at Papa
  • asked me calmly and nicely and with my name for a drink twice, told me where his cup was the second time (outside) and asked for tea (note he has not seen me in months)
  • went into empty turtle-shaped sandbox, said it was the invisibility box, said “one two three abra cadabra!” and reappeared (removed lid) and laughed hysterically
  • brings turkey sandwich with garlic hummus and garlic pickles for lunch to school

LH, age 9:

  • told me about school in N Dakota, described wobbly chairs to me (“the bottom is curved so you can wiggle”), plays the cello, the smartest, sweetest kiddo

MS, age 12 (in a few days, anyway):

  • told me jokes about why animals crossed the road, causing her cousins to tell jokes as well, my little comedian
  • asked me about my new job – many of the adults didn’t do that

AM, age 13:

  • on the football team, quarterback
  • doesn’t play viola anymore
  • classes are easy for her, gets As

I LOVE THEM ALL SO MUCH, including the others who I didn’t get to hang out with as much. So grateful!


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