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Skate Like No One is Watching

Tonight, my twelve-year-old niece had her birthday party at the roller rink. I was interested in skating, so prior to the party, I sent out a text asking if it would cost anything for me to rent skates. Word spread, and my nieces were excited. I had to find my balance first, and one niece… Continue reading Skate Like No One is Watching

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The Hope Nail Polish Brought

On Friday, we went to the store to buy toilet paper, deodorant, and a few other essentials. Before we checked out, I picked up a $4 bottle of baby-girl-pink nail polish. To me, this is a huge deal. The last time I bought something for just myself that wasn’t an absolute necessity (like contact lens… Continue reading The Hope Nail Polish Brought

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Food Pantry Ham Horrors

My husband and I got a ham from the food pantry. It was free, which is great and all, but it really did not appear ham-like. Jason, between gagging as he cut it up, made some pretty amusing comments. Here are my favorites: On slicing it: “It's like I'm dissecting Jabba the Hutt's tongue. No.… Continue reading Food Pantry Ham Horrors

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Epic Night for Free

Last night was epic. My husband and I cooked dinner together: hot dogs with bread (for him) and ketchup, generic box macaroni and cheese, and canned corn and green beans. I joked about how we were enjoying Poor Man’s Supper, since all of those things are so inexpensive, and not very healthy. We watched some… Continue reading Epic Night for Free

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Happy Birthday, Grandpa: Adventures in Gardening

Today would have been my grandpa’s birthday. It is precisely one week after mine, so it’s easy for me to remember. I have fond memories of my grandpa’s time with me – he was patient and kind, and he taught me to drive. My grandpa and grandma used to live on a farm in a… Continue reading Happy Birthday, Grandpa: Adventures in Gardening

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When Self Care Means Medication

Blogmas is over! It has been almost two weeks since Christmas and I took a bit of a blogging break. I’ve still been writing, but more personal things. Life has been going pretty good, but I have been pretty anxious. Something happened recently with my family. I was at a restaurant celebrating my brother and… Continue reading When Self Care Means Medication

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Blogmas 23: Minimalism and Re-Gifting at Christmas

In my husband’s large family, we choose not to buy gifts for everyone. We always play a couple of games, one with his mom’s side and one with his dad’s. These games can be very fun to participate in, which I did today. However, I typically end up with something that is not very “me”.… Continue reading Blogmas 23: Minimalism and Re-Gifting at Christmas