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Therapeutic Pampering

This morning, I pampered myself. I had a weird Friday - it was fine until the evening, during which time I got extremely emotional about something small, and ended up really angry. I journaled about it at the time and will talk about in therapy - maybe here later, when I'm ready. But the lady's… Continue reading Therapeutic Pampering

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Guest Post: More Than Just My Phobia

I have a really special post today: my friend Lauren of I'm Fine, Stop Asking, has written this for my blog. I think Lauren is a gifted writer and has so much to share, so I feel blessed to include this post among mine and share her work with you guys! We have tons in… Continue reading Guest Post: More Than Just My Phobia

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Bucket List Update Week 1

My days have been so good. Things are still hard financially, and work has still been pretty stressful. But I feel like I have this newfound purpose. I am doing new things and planning things for the future that are fun and fulfilling. So when work is hard, I come home and have something else… Continue reading Bucket List Update Week 1

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The Power of Music

I'm in a hotel room in Branson, Missouri. A suite, really, paid for with points by generous in-laws. I'm holed up in the bedroom I claimed while some family and their friends play Cards Against Humanity. I can hear them, but I'm not listening. I got a new CD today – a band I’ll go… Continue reading The Power of Music

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When Self Care Means Medication

Blogmas is over! It has been almost two weeks since Christmas and I took a bit of a blogging break. I’ve still been writing, but more personal things. Life has been going pretty good, but I have been pretty anxious. Something happened recently with my family. I was at a restaurant celebrating my brother and… Continue reading When Self Care Means Medication

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Blogmas 22: Self Care for Lack of Structure During Christmas

Today is my first day of winter break. In a previous post, I mentioned that Christmas is hard on my family financially because I miss a paycheck for winter break. That’s not the only way Christmas is hard on me, though. The lack of routine and unstructured time is tough, too. Note, however, that this… Continue reading Blogmas 22: Self Care for Lack of Structure During Christmas

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Blogmas 11: Familial Celebrations and Accompanied Stress

In a previous post, I mentioned celebrating with family. I love the reduced stress and pure enjoyment that comes with celebrating with my husband and our dog, but that’s not all there is to most holidays, in my experience. Since being a married adult, we celebrate Christmas a few times per year. Once with my… Continue reading Blogmas 11: Familial Celebrations and Accompanied Stress

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Blogmas 5: Christmas Traditions

In yesterday’s post, I talked about some Christmas-y traditions that I uphold in my adulthood. Since I’ve been an adult living with my husband, Christmas Eve has become almost more fun to me than Christmas day. I love the traditions we’ve put into place together, such as we always go to church on Christmas Eve… Continue reading Blogmas 5: Christmas Traditions

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I Choose Gratitude

I want to be truthful in admitting that I write this today from a place of stress and sadness. I think, though, that that makes what I am about to say all the more relevant. So here is this post, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, my favorite day of the year, which will occur tomorrow.… Continue reading I Choose Gratitude