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Bucket List Update 3: Why Be Cool?

I’ve been doing things I enjoy, and it’s been amazing. I have learned something about myself in the meanwhile. When I went to the Moon Taxi concert and then the roller derby bout, I looked around and realized how little I was keeping my cool. I was freaking out with excitement, and it was visible!… Continue reading Bucket List Update 3: Why Be Cool?

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Coming Down from Concert Elation

Thursday night I went to the Moon Taxi concert and it was the most fun I've had in a long time. The last time I had that much fun was in Branson with family, riding an enormous ferris wheel and driving go karts for the first time - I was the slowest one and I… Continue reading Coming Down from Concert Elation

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The Power of Music

I'm in a hotel room in Branson, Missouri. A suite, really, paid for with points by generous in-laws. I'm holed up in the bedroom I claimed while some family and their friends play Cards Against Humanity. I can hear them, but I'm not listening. I got a new CD today – a band I’ll go… Continue reading The Power of Music