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Mindfulness Monday: Trail Edition

This morning I had my regular chiropractor visit, and then I had an hour to kill before my therapy appointment, which was two minutes away. Also nearby is the entrance to a major trail, so I ducked into that parking lot and walked around for half an hour. With a few minutes to go until… Continue reading Mindfulness Monday: Trail Edition

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Mindfulness Monday: Oatmeal Edition

This morning, I watered the plants and took a shower while attempting to be mindful. However, my most interesting (and so far, unique) mindfulness experience was eating breakfast. I ate oatmeal prepared from the night before. I soaked old-fashioned oats, chia seeds, flax seeds, and a little maple syrup in milk overnight in a mason… Continue reading Mindfulness Monday: Oatmeal Edition

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Backyard Gratitude List

  Last night we went to our friend’s house in the country. While the guys talked, I laid on the roof of Jason’s car and stared at the stars. The darker it got, the more in awe I was. It was the most beautiful thing. I love the sky. I realized this first with clouds,… Continue reading Backyard Gratitude List

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On Freedom – of Many Types

Yesterday was Independence Day in my country. I had lunch with a few of my family members – bratwurst, an American staple, obviously. I named everything I could in Spanish, because I am learning and it’s fun for me. That evening we went to watch a few fireworks. Jason hates crowds, so we ended up… Continue reading On Freedom – of Many Types

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Why I Went to Church Yesterday

I went to church yesterday. The church I am a member of but have not set foot in in months. The church I attended from fourth grade through college. The church in which I volunteered in the nursery for eight years (it’s still on my resume as a community activity). The church Jason brought his… Continue reading Why I Went to Church Yesterday

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We Have All the Lights On

I'm in the living room with my husband and we have all the lights on. There are seven lights - three lights with the ceiling fan, one overhead spotlight thing, and three lamps - they are all on. I did not have a good day today. I woke up thinking I need a break. I'm… Continue reading We Have All the Lights On

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Independent Despite Depression

Today after I babysat, I went to the bank. It was ten minutes until noon, when I thought the bank closed. I got to the nearest bank with two minutes to spare and deposited my check from babysitting into my checking account. Then, from the bank to get home, I was closer to the interstate… Continue reading Independent Despite Depression

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Mood Improvement 101

Today was borderline crappy – work was fine, but I was in a personal funk that began last night. I decided to take a walk to clear my head and stay moving after I got home. Armed with a new play list to listen to, full of upbeat songs that make me happy, I headed… Continue reading Mood Improvement 101

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Dancing the Day and Night Away: Dance Marathon Recap

I got to the event about 2 minutes before check in began at 11:30 and it was already packed. Almost immediately after my arrival, the line was out the door. I got in pretty quick compared to some of those people, and was able to sit until noon when the marathon began. After a 1-2-3,… Continue reading Dancing the Day and Night Away: Dance Marathon Recap

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The Driving Force of My Independence

A few years ago, I totaled my first car that I’d had for a decade in an accident deemed entirely my fault. For the two years following, my husband was self-employed and we shared his Mercury, which was titled in both of our names anyway for a credit-rebuilding program at the dealership. He took me… Continue reading The Driving Force of My Independence