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Bucket List Update 3: Why Be Cool?

I’ve been doing things I enjoy, and it’s been amazing. I have learned something about myself in the meanwhile. When I went to the Moon Taxi concert and then the roller derby bout, I looked around and realized how little I was keeping my cool. I was freaking out with excitement, and it was visible!… Continue reading Bucket List Update 3: Why Be Cool?

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Bucket List Update Week 1

My days have been so good. Things are still hard financially, and work has still been pretty stressful. But I feel like I have this newfound purpose. I am doing new things and planning things for the future that are fun and fulfilling. So when work is hard, I come home and have something else… Continue reading Bucket List Update Week 1

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My Bucket List – Enjoying Life

I've decided that I want to do more things that make me happy. Sounds simple, right? And sounds like (and is!) something I should have already been doing. There's no time like the present to start, right? Recently, I have been thinking about things I wanted to do before I try to become pregnant and… Continue reading My Bucket List – Enjoying Life

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The Power of Music

I'm in a hotel room in Branson, Missouri. A suite, really, paid for with points by generous in-laws. I'm holed up in the bedroom I claimed while some family and their friends play Cards Against Humanity. I can hear them, but I'm not listening. I got a new CD today – a band I’ll go… Continue reading The Power of Music

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Blogmas 11: Familial Celebrations and Accompanied Stress

In a previous post, I mentioned celebrating with family. I love the reduced stress and pure enjoyment that comes with celebrating with my husband and our dog, but that’s not all there is to most holidays, in my experience. Since being a married adult, we celebrate Christmas a few times per year. Once with my… Continue reading Blogmas 11: Familial Celebrations and Accompanied Stress

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Blogmas 6: Christmas Lights

In yesterday's post I spoke about decorating for Christmas. As much as I love our indoor tree and decorations, it is a blessing to me to drive around and view others’ outdoor decorations. Christmas lights feel magical to me. We don’t have any outdoor lights yet, but I hope we do someday. I love to… Continue reading Blogmas 6: Christmas Lights


Blogmas 2: December Birthdays; Life is Worth Celebrating

I just discovered a blogging tradition called Blogmas, where bloggers post an entry per day during the month of December through Christmas, all related to Christmas. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to do it, so I made a list of topics. I was able to come up with enough, so here goes. I'm… Continue reading Blogmas 2: December Birthdays; Life is Worth Celebrating

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The Importance of Little Things

Since learning that being highly sensitive is a personality trait, which I immediately wrote about here, I read more about it. A friend of mine shared an article on social media that resonated with me: Why highly sensitive people benefit from minimalism. I’ve written on this blog about how I experience great benefits from having… Continue reading The Importance of Little Things

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Gratitude and how it has Changed My Life

Sometimes I do things because I have to, and not because I want to. Though not uncommon, my mental wellness improves when I appreciate any thing, big or small, that I can manage to be grateful for. (click title to read more...)