The Saga of the Broken Bed: My Irritatingly Eventful Morning

This morning I woke up at 5 AM to a creaking sound. Weird, I thought. Creak. I rolled over. Creak. My husband, Jason, was peacefully snoring. Creak. It’s the bed. Something is wrong with the bed. I poked Jason. “Hey, wake up. I think the bed is deflating.” Creak. He said, “ehhh,” and rolled over,… Continue reading The Saga of the Broken Bed: My Irritatingly Eventful Morning

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Adventures in Lawn Care

I used to love mowing the lawn. At least, I remember telling people that. It's possible that I loved bragging to my entitled friends about how I did manual labor that also counted as exercise. I'm not certain why I felt why that was brag-worthy, but that was definitely my MO. I also used to… Continue reading Adventures in Lawn Care

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My Bra Shopping Ordeal

Today, I went bra shopping. I have wanted new bras since last November, at least. My only bras were too small (but still relatively comfy due to being very stretched out) and since then all have developed holes in the band and/or broken underwires. I had one intact bra, but it was covered in lace… Continue reading My Bra Shopping Ordeal