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On Sleep

Sleep is important to everyone, but in particular to those with a mood disorder. Sleeplessness can a sign of mania, or can lead to mania. Sleeping too much can be a sign that one is depressed. These are common signs, and they are spot on for me. I keep a close eye on my sleep… Continue reading On Sleep

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Blogmas 5: Christmas Traditions

In yesterday’s post, I talked about some Christmas-y traditions that I uphold in my adulthood. Since I’ve been an adult living with my husband, Christmas Eve has become almost more fun to me than Christmas day. I love the traditions we’ve put into place together, such as we always go to church on Christmas Eve… Continue reading Blogmas 5: Christmas Traditions

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Blogmas 4: Stockings

In yesterday’s post about my pup, I wrote about my dog’s stocking. Today, I'm going to talk about stockings. Growing up, we had stockings, and they always contained little things: usually candy and an orange. I could always see the bulky orange lump through my smaller stocking. I have learned that an orange was a… Continue reading Blogmas 4: Stockings

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Blogmas 3: My Dog Honey

Yesterday’s post was about December birthdays, which reminded me of my favorite December birthday. My dog, Honey, will turn 10 this year on December 25th. She was born in a humane society in St. Louis, Missouri, and shipped to the shelter in my town after a flood affected her birthplace. My husband found her there… Continue reading Blogmas 3: My Dog Honey


Blogmas 2: December Birthdays; Life is Worth Celebrating

I just discovered a blogging tradition called Blogmas, where bloggers post an entry per day during the month of December through Christmas, all related to Christmas. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to do it, so I made a list of topics. I was able to come up with enough, so here goes. I'm… Continue reading Blogmas 2: December Birthdays; Life is Worth Celebrating

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I Choose Gratitude

I want to be truthful in admitting that I write this today from a place of stress and sadness. I think, though, that that makes what I am about to say all the more relevant. So here is this post, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, my favorite day of the year, which will occur tomorrow.… Continue reading I Choose Gratitude