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Blogmas 21: Santa: Do You Believe?

I have considered parenting decisions a lot, especially considering I am not a parent. Something I’ve thought about is Santa. I used to be ambivalent, and then I was adamantly sure I wouldn’t let my kids buy into the idea of Santa. Today with my class, we visited a Santa. Seeing these kids and how… Continue reading Blogmas 21: Santa: Do You Believe?


Blogmas 19: Santa, Superman

In yesterday’s post, I mentioned how I work with kids who get excited about Santa. Every year I think about how I don’t remember giving much thought to Santa, I'm not sure if he was talked about too much in my house. I remember we didn’t talk about the Easter bunny, so I think it’s… Continue reading Blogmas 19: Santa, Superman

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Blogmas 18: Christmas Season Working with Kids

In my previous post, (and two others, 13, and my newsletter) I mentioned that I work in an elementary school. I have been in that position for the past 6 years. It is a great job, and I love it. Working with children every day has made every holiday more enjoyable for me. For Christmas,… Continue reading Blogmas 18: Christmas Season Working with Kids

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Blogmas 13: Gifts at Work

In a previous post, I wrote about how I love giving gifts. That said, I have been far too poor to afford gifts for all of my coworkers that I really love and cherish. I give out my card and newsletter to my favorite people, but this year, even that has been cut in a… Continue reading Blogmas 13: Gifts at Work