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Blogmas 16: The Best Gifts I’ve Ever Received

In previous posts, I talked about gifts I would like to give and receive this year. I have received a lot of gifts in my time. From my childhood, I remember two absolute favorites. One was a bicycle. I was so excited! I remember that it was on my birthday, actually, which fell on a… Continue reading Blogmas 16: The Best Gifts I’ve Ever Received

Blogmas, Marriage, Mental Health

Blogmas 12: Favorite Christmas Music

I love music. For the majority of my teenage years, I was a firm believer in the sentiment Music=Life. I still cherish music and its healing properties. Listening to, performing, or writing music is a great coping mechanism for me. I wanted to be a singer at one point in my life, and decided that… Continue reading Blogmas 12: Favorite Christmas Music


Blogmas 8: My Christmas List

Yesterday, I posted a list of things I’d like to buy my family and friends if I stumble upon some disposable income. If anyone asked me what I would like for a present, this is what I’d tell them. Thinking about politics and peace and financial security, I want a lot of non-tangible things each… Continue reading Blogmas 8: My Christmas List


Blogmas 7: What I Will Buy For Others If I Can Afford It

I love gift giving. It is difficult to give all the things I want to give on such limited income. I am posting this before I post about what I want for Christmas, because I would rather have a lot of this stuff to give out. My husband: I would love to spoil Jason with… Continue reading Blogmas 7: What I Will Buy For Others If I Can Afford It