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Bucket List Update 2: Roller Derby

I have been working hard! In the last 14 days, I’ve worked 13. Monday through Friday, save a few random days off, I’ve worked my regular full-time job. On those days off (including weekends) I’ve babysat for either of my two families or worked helping a really nice lady clean and organize her house after… Continue reading Bucket List Update 2: Roller Derby

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Blogmas 13: Gifts at Work

In a previous post, I wrote about how I love giving gifts. That said, I have been far too poor to afford gifts for all of my coworkers that I really love and cherish. I give out my card and newsletter to my favorite people, but this year, even that has been cut in a… Continue reading Blogmas 13: Gifts at Work

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Blogmas 9: Last Christmas

In a previous post, I talked about how I like to decorate for Christmas. Last year at this time, we had a down-on-his-luck friend staying with us, and it was sure eventful. As I mentioned, I love the routine of traditions, and when that tradition is disturbed, I get upset. I know I need to… Continue reading Blogmas 9: Last Christmas

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Gratitude and how it has Changed My Life

Sometimes I do things because I have to, and not because I want to. Though not uncommon, my mental wellness improves when I appreciate any thing, big or small, that I can manage to be grateful for. (click title to read more...)