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Epic Night for Free

Last night was epic. My husband and I cooked dinner together: hot dogs with bread (for him) and ketchup, generic box macaroni and cheese, and canned corn and green beans. I joked about how we were enjoying Poor Man’s Supper, since all of those things are so inexpensive, and not very healthy. We watched some… Continue reading Epic Night for Free

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My Bra Shopping Ordeal

Today, I went bra shopping. I have wanted new bras since last November, at least. My only bras were too small (but still relatively comfy due to being very stretched out) and since then all have developed holes in the band and/or broken underwires. I had one intact bra, but it was covered in lace… Continue reading My Bra Shopping Ordeal

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Bucket List Update 2: Roller Derby

I have been working hard! In the last 14 days, I’ve worked 13. Monday through Friday, save a few random days off, I’ve worked my regular full-time job. On those days off (including weekends) I’ve babysat for either of my two families or worked helping a really nice lady clean and organize her house after… Continue reading Bucket List Update 2: Roller Derby

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Blogmas 13: Gifts at Work

In a previous post, I wrote about how I love giving gifts. That said, I have been far too poor to afford gifts for all of my coworkers that I really love and cherish. I give out my card and newsletter to my favorite people, but this year, even that has been cut in a… Continue reading Blogmas 13: Gifts at Work

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Blogmas 9: Last Christmas

In a previous post, I talked about how I like to decorate for Christmas. Last year at this time, we had a down-on-his-luck friend staying with us, and it was sure eventful. As I mentioned, I love the routine of traditions, and when that tradition is disturbed, I get upset. I know I need to… Continue reading Blogmas 9: Last Christmas

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Gratitude and how it has Changed My Life

Sometimes I do things because I have to, and not because I want to. Though not uncommon, my mental wellness improves when I appreciate any thing, big or small, that I can manage to be grateful for. (click title to read more...)