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Blogmas 11: Familial Celebrations and Accompanied Stress

In a previous post, I mentioned celebrating with family. I love the reduced stress and pure enjoyment that comes with celebrating with my husband and our dog, but that’s not all there is to most holidays, in my experience. Since being a married adult, we celebrate Christmas a few times per year. Once with my… Continue reading Blogmas 11: Familial Celebrations and Accompanied Stress

Blogmas, Family, Marriage, Mental Health

Blogmas 10: Tree Décor

In yesterday’s post, I talked about decorating the tree. But this is a relatively new thing for me. We got our first full-sized Christmas tree just a couple of years ago. Before that, we had a three-footer with miniature ornaments and tiny round lights preloaded on by my grandma, who gifted the whole tree to… Continue reading Blogmas 10: Tree Décor