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Mood Improvement 101

Today was borderline crappy – work was fine, but I was in a personal funk that began last night. I decided to take a walk to clear my head and stay moving after I got home. Armed with a new play list to listen to, full of upbeat songs that make me happy, I headed… Continue reading Mood Improvement 101

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Therapeutic Pampering

This morning, I pampered myself. I had a weird Friday - it was fine until the evening, during which time I got extremely emotional about something small, and ended up really angry. I journaled about it at the time and will talk about in therapy - maybe here later, when I'm ready. But the lady's… Continue reading Therapeutic Pampering

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But You Don’t Even Like Basketball

We figured out some finances tonight, because I wanted to know my options for the many events I have planned for the next few months. I explained to J my plan for next Sunday: go see a basketball game. It’s the women's team for the state university in our very city. J said, “But you… Continue reading But You Don’t Even Like Basketball

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When Self Care Means Medication

Blogmas is over! It has been almost two weeks since Christmas and I took a bit of a blogging break. I’ve still been writing, but more personal things. Life has been going pretty good, but I have been pretty anxious. Something happened recently with my family. I was at a restaurant celebrating my brother and… Continue reading When Self Care Means Medication

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Blogmas 22: Self Care for Lack of Structure During Christmas

Today is my first day of winter break. In a previous post, I mentioned that Christmas is hard on my family financially because I miss a paycheck for winter break. That’s not the only way Christmas is hard on me, though. The lack of routine and unstructured time is tough, too. Note, however, that this… Continue reading Blogmas 22: Self Care for Lack of Structure During Christmas