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Blogmas 12: Favorite Christmas Music

I love music. For the majority of my teenage years, I was a firm believer in the sentiment Music=Life. I still cherish music and its healing properties. Listening to, performing, or writing music is a great coping mechanism for me. I wanted to be a singer at one point in my life, and decided that… Continue reading Blogmas 12: Favorite Christmas Music

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I Choose Gratitude

I want to be truthful in admitting that I write this today from a place of stress and sadness. I think, though, that that makes what I am about to say all the more relevant. So here is this post, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, my favorite day of the year, which will occur tomorrow.… Continue reading I Choose Gratitude

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What I Learned about Bravery and Love from my Dog Today

Today we took our dog to her annual vet appointment. I was blown away by how brave she acted and the overwhelming depth of love I feel for her. (click title to read on...)

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My Irritability, His Unconditional Patience

Irritability comes with the bipolar territory, but a patient husband doesn't. Thankfully, I've been blessed with one anyway. (read more...)