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Bucket List Update Week 1

My days have been so good. Things are still hard financially, and work has still been pretty stressful. But I feel like I have this newfound purpose. I am doing new things and planning things for the future that are fun and fulfilling. So when work is hard, I come home and have something else… Continue reading Bucket List Update Week 1

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Blogmas 21: Santa: Do You Believe?

I have considered parenting decisions a lot, especially considering I am not a parent. Something I’ve thought about is Santa. I used to be ambivalent, and then I was adamantly sure I wouldn’t let my kids buy into the idea of Santa. Today with my class, we visited a Santa. Seeing these kids and how… Continue reading Blogmas 21: Santa: Do You Believe?

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Blogmas 12: Favorite Christmas Music

I love music. For the majority of my teenage years, I was a firm believer in the sentiment Music=Life. I still cherish music and its healing properties. Listening to, performing, or writing music is a great coping mechanism for me. I wanted to be a singer at one point in my life, and decided that… Continue reading Blogmas 12: Favorite Christmas Music