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We are Not Alone in This

An interesting thing happened this morning. After a night of halfway panicking for hours, I posted about how I was feeling vulnerable and anxious, and how I was going to take care of myself. Then I stepped away from social media and took my emergency anti-anxiety medication to help me sleep. I remained awake for… Continue reading We are Not Alone in This

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Self-Care for Vulnerability

I made myself vulnerable today. I submitted pieces to a literary contest for the first time, and definitely not the last. It was a rush: exciting, then nerve-wracking. I received a confirmation email that my submission had gone through. Now, I wait. Jason hasn’t been home in hours, and I'm a wreck. My heart has… Continue reading Self-Care for Vulnerability


The Saga of the Broken Bed: My Irritatingly Eventful Morning

This morning I woke up at 5 AM to a creaking sound. Weird, I thought. Creak. I rolled over. Creak. My husband, Jason, was peacefully snoring. Creak. It’s the bed. Something is wrong with the bed. I poked Jason. “Hey, wake up. I think the bed is deflating.” Creak. He said, “ehhh,” and rolled over,… Continue reading The Saga of the Broken Bed: My Irritatingly Eventful Morning

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Mindfulness Monday: Dentist Edition

I was intentionally mindful this morning as I watered the garden. Like last week, I noticed observations made with my five senses. It was nice. At 8:00, I had my annual dentist appointment. I decided to try mindfulness then, too. I was trying to be mindful in the same way I had this morning in… Continue reading Mindfulness Monday: Dentist Edition

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Backyard Gratitude List

  Last night we went to our friend’s house in the country. While the guys talked, I laid on the roof of Jason’s car and stared at the stars. The darker it got, the more in awe I was. It was the most beautiful thing. I love the sky. I realized this first with clouds,… Continue reading Backyard Gratitude List

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On Freedom – of Many Types

Yesterday was Independence Day in my country. I had lunch with a few of my family members – bratwurst, an American staple, obviously. I named everything I could in Spanish, because I am learning and it’s fun for me. That evening we went to watch a few fireworks. Jason hates crowds, so we ended up… Continue reading On Freedom – of Many Types

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Why I Went to Church Yesterday

I went to church yesterday. The church I am a member of but have not set foot in in months. The church I attended from fourth grade through college. The church in which I volunteered in the nursery for eight years (it’s still on my resume as a community activity). The church Jason brought his… Continue reading Why I Went to Church Yesterday

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Epic Night for Free

Last night was epic. My husband and I cooked dinner together: hot dogs with bread (for him) and ketchup, generic box macaroni and cheese, and canned corn and green beans. I joked about how we were enjoying Poor Man’s Supper, since all of those things are so inexpensive, and not very healthy. We watched some… Continue reading Epic Night for Free

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Confidence Boost Needed: Adventures of a Recovering Perfectionist

Early this morning, I watered my plants. It was nice; peaceful. The neighbor dog was inside most of the time, and when he came out, he watched me through the gap in the privacy fence he created, but chose not to bark – for once. Perhaps this is because my dog was still asleep on… Continue reading Confidence Boost Needed: Adventures of a Recovering Perfectionist