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Extra Anxiety #endstigma

It's been a rough few weeks for my anixety, and I've been seeing my therapist weekly. I have been taking my emergency-only as needed anti-anxiety medication unusually often. I looked back at my diary app, on which I keep track of such things. As of Tuesday, I'd taken it 12 times since July 8. Typically, I take… Continue reading Extra Anxiety #endstigma

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The World is Not Black and White (Another Thing I’ve Learned from Gardening)

I got up late three days in a row and missed my chance to water in the early morning. I’ve enjoyed that, before it gets unbearably hot. I also like the sounds of birds chirping and the smell of the plants. I like the feeling of peace I get out there to start my day.… Continue reading The World is Not Black and White (Another Thing I’ve Learned from Gardening)

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Mindfulness Monday: Trail Edition

This morning I had my regular chiropractor visit, and then I had an hour to kill before my therapy appointment, which was two minutes away. Also nearby is the entrance to a major trail, so I ducked into that parking lot and walked around for half an hour. With a few minutes to go until… Continue reading Mindfulness Monday: Trail Edition

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Food Pantry Ham Horrors

My husband and I got a ham from the food pantry. It was free, which is great and all, but it really did not appear ham-like. Jason, between gagging as he cut it up, made some pretty amusing comments. Here are my favorites: On slicing it: “It's like I'm dissecting Jabba the Hutt's tongue. No.… Continue reading Food Pantry Ham Horrors

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Mindfulness Monday: Oatmeal Edition

This morning, I watered the plants and took a shower while attempting to be mindful. However, my most interesting (and so far, unique) mindfulness experience was eating breakfast. I ate oatmeal prepared from the night before. I soaked old-fashioned oats, chia seeds, flax seeds, and a little maple syrup in milk overnight in a mason… Continue reading Mindfulness Monday: Oatmeal Edition

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We are Not Alone in This

An interesting thing happened this morning. After a night of halfway panicking for hours, I posted about how I was feeling vulnerable and anxious, and how I was going to take care of myself. Then I stepped away from social media and took my emergency anti-anxiety medication to help me sleep. I remained awake for… Continue reading We are Not Alone in This

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Self-Care for Vulnerability

I made myself vulnerable today. I submitted pieces to a literary contest for the first time, and definitely not the last. It was a rush: exciting, then nerve-wracking. I received a confirmation email that my submission had gone through. Now, I wait. Jason hasn’t been home in hours, and I'm a wreck. My heart has… Continue reading Self-Care for Vulnerability


The Saga of the Broken Bed: My Irritatingly Eventful Morning

This morning I woke up at 5 AM to a creaking sound. Weird, I thought. Creak. I rolled over. Creak. My husband, Jason, was peacefully snoring. Creak. It’s the bed. Something is wrong with the bed. I poked Jason. “Hey, wake up. I think the bed is deflating.” Creak. He said, “ehhh,” and rolled over,… Continue reading The Saga of the Broken Bed: My Irritatingly Eventful Morning

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Mindfulness Monday: Dentist Edition

I was intentionally mindful this morning as I watered the garden. Like last week, I noticed observations made with my five senses. It was nice. At 8:00, I had my annual dentist appointment. I decided to try mindfulness then, too. I was trying to be mindful in the same way I had this morning in… Continue reading Mindfulness Monday: Dentist Edition

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Backyard Gratitude List

  Last night we went to our friend’s house in the country. While the guys talked, I laid on the roof of Jason’s car and stared at the stars. The darker it got, the more in awe I was. It was the most beautiful thing. I love the sky. I realized this first with clouds,… Continue reading Backyard Gratitude List