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It’s Important to Talk About Suicide – But It’s Hard

Having struggled with suicidal ideations and attempts, and having dealt with years of self-harm, I know it’s important to talk about. But I also know I have to take care of myself... so I struggle.

Mental Health, mental illness

Finding My Niche, Breaking the Stigma

Today I am inviting those friends who I feel may be interested in this blog to like this page and read it. By doing this, I am attempting to share my life and break the stigma of mental illness that holds so many captive in fear. You are not alone. (click title to read on...)

Mental Health, mental illness

Gratitude and how it has Changed My Life

Sometimes I do things because I have to, and not because I want to. Though not uncommon, my mental wellness improves when I appreciate any thing, big or small, that I can manage to be grateful for. (click title to read more...)